How Businesses Can Join

If you are interested in becoming a HCCNC Business Member, please contact us at

The mission of HCCNC is to serve as a bridge, connecting Hawai’i expatriates in Northern California. While having fun and building friendships are also important objectives, HCCNC is much more than a social club. Our primary goal is to help advance your career or business through relevant seminars, speakers and networking events.

Three major groups have been initially identified as those that can gain value from the HCCNC:

  1. people involved in commerce or business originally from Hawaii and now living in the Bay Area
  2. people doing business with Hawaii from the Bay Area
  3. businesses in Hawaii with an interest in the Bay Area. HCCNC is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the most value to these three major groups. All the time and labor is purely voluntary, a true display the Aloha Spirit is thriving in the Bay Area!